Different Kind of Quotes

11/03/2014 18:03

Great men from different works of life have left their imprint on history through their works and sayings. Some of them did not write any book but they are remembered today through their wise saying. These wise and well constructed sentences are now collected and referred to as quotes.

These sayings were made by people with different backgrounds, works of life, traditions and under different circumstances. They were also made in various historical reasons for various reasons. Given these reasons, these quotes can be grouped into various types. Here are some of the types of quotes you will find:

·         quotes about happiness and personal growth

·         quotes about life in general

·         quotes on man’s relationship with the divine

·         quotes on love and human relationship

·         quotes about the universe

·         scientific quotes

·         quotes for obtaining inner peace and tranquility

·         inspirational quotes

·         quotes on education and learning

·         quotes on politics

The above mentioned types of quotes do not actually exhaust the list. There are as many quotes as there are many historical figures from whose sayings and works these quotes are drawn.